Sex Swing – Type II

Now, this one is probably old news to most of you.

I actually ignored these for quite a while for reasons that all say more about me than the band. 1) Don’t like the band name. 2) I see the word ‘supergroup’ and I just think swearwords about people phoning it in. 3) What is that cover? Fucking disgusting.

So God Unknown records put it out recently after I’d ignored it’s initial issue on Rocket, and for reasons I don’t know why I decided to listen to it. Actually, I do know why. It was a Monday and I was in a Monday mood so wanted to listen to gnarliness and I thought these might tick that box. And they did tick that box. They ticked it righteously. But they did more than tick that box, they turned that box into a well of unfathomable depth with their riffing, repetitious, droning, hypnotic gnarliness.

And it turns out that one of them has visited these parts before, and that also had a ghastly cover.

Burnt Skull

This….is…..the shit!

My next post was actually going to be on Follakzoid, Echoes of Yul or maybe Rakta, and I will indeed big them up soon. But this noise-fest has just elbowed aside allcomers in a most loud style.

I hate the term ‘noise-rock’ as being even more meaningless than every other genre descriptor going (just analyse it for more than a split second and you too will see why). Apparently that’s the tag that people call them. I’d rather think of it as a kind of stoner-hardcore punk, or a psychedelic screamo-krautrock mashup, but I invite you to invent your own description, or – even better- let it be what it is. For a point of comparison from within my world, I reckon they’ve visited similar psychic spaces to Puffy Areolas.

Apparently the whole album can be streamed here:¬† (I’m on a non-sound PC as I type this so can’t test it).