Burnt Skull

This….is…..the shit!

My next post was actually going to be on Follakzoid, Echoes of Yul or maybe Rakta, and I will indeed big them up soon. But this noise-fest has just elbowed aside allcomers in a most loud style.

I hate the term ‘noise-rock’ as being even more meaningless than every other genre descriptor going (just analyse it for more than a split second and you too will see why). Apparently that’s the tag that people call them. I’d rather think of it as a kind of stoner-hardcore punk, or a psychedelic screamo-krautrock mashup, but I invite you to invent your own description, or – even better- let it be what it is. For a point of comparison from within my world, I reckon they’ve visited similar psychic spaces to Puffy Areolas.

Apparently the whole album can be streamed here: http://www.12xu.bigcartel.com/product/burnt-skull-sewer-birth-lp-12xu-056-1 (I’m on a non-sound PC as I type this so can’t test it).

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