Aegri Somnia – Ad augusta per angusta


…starting with this one.

I know you’ve wondered what it would sound like if someone took traditional Iberian songs from 19th/20th century and married them with doomy/deathy guitars, don’t say you haven’t. Aegri Somnia are here to scratch that itch that you won’t admit you had.

Because I don’t understand the lingo, I have to take their word for it that the subject matter visits many aspects of the Iberian tradition, both dark and light. But the sounds and the songs, plus the flamenco/death metal minus the blast beats approach, make for a wonderful atmosphere. And every time I hear Molinero-Vengo de Moler, I have it in my head for hours afterwards. It’s a kind of crushingly catchy tune that has to be heard to be understood (actually, that’s the case with all music).

They seem to want to only sell it in CD format. Now, this isn’t a criticism but a question – either a digital download or a CD both present the music in digital format, so why discriminate one over the other?

But that one gripe aside, this is a very good album.