Hello. I’m Flipdog, aka LastGnomeStanding, aka El-Ronus Mariachi, aka Jason, depending on how you encounter me. Admittedly, one of them is not widely used.

This blog exists because I can’t believe I’m the only person who gets excited about the music that I shall be writing about.

As a dabbler in the art myself, you may see from what angle I have arrived here by having a listen, should you so choose. My website and my bandcamp will give you an idea of both where I’m at now, and where I’ve been in the last some years. I don’t do any other kind of social media, and have no immediate plans to.

The purpose of this will be to try and help music that I consider to be under-appreciated find a slightly larger audience. For that reason I shall very rarely indulge in negativity about music that doesn’t conform to my taste (although certain professions are fair game, particularly music criticism! There’s probably a word for this; I bet the Germans have one).

Every now and again, however, I intend to do a sort of ‘macro-post’ whereby I’ll be trying to make a larger point, by indulging in opinions.

Also, I automatically assume intelligence in my audience; for this reason I shall not be giving nods, hints and winks when my tongue is in my cheek. I remain a firm believer in ‘if you treat people like children, they act like children…’ – and yes, I do have children.

Also, I have a young sister blog called Seeds of Syntropy.

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