Hello. I’m Flipdog, aka Jason, aka Daddy, aka LastGnomeStanding, aka El-Ronus Mariachi, depending on how you encounter me and who you are when you encounter me. Admittedly, one of them is not widely used.

Firstly – this is not a review site. This blog exists because I can’t believe I’m the only person who gets excited about the music that I shall be posting, which is spread far and wide across the stylistic landscape. I don’t have an intended audience. I assume everybody’s taste is as varied as mine. Who knows? Maybe it’s wider. But anyway, hopefully a reader will go away having been made aware of some music that they may not have been aware of previously, and they will be glad for that service.

I’ve recently decided to suspend commentary on the posts, since experience shows me that I cannot adequately convey useful information about the music that cannot be provided by simply listening to the music, which is almost always embedded in the post. The text that accompanies the posts will instead be a product of my creative imagination, such as that is, and will almost never be relevant to the music itself. However, as of April 2018 I am going to add artists in the tags who I am reminded of when I listen to the music I’m posting, no matter how fleetingly. I may go backwards and add artists to older posts if time permits me.

As a dabbler in the art myself, you may see from what angle I have arrived here by having a listen, should you so choose. My website and my bandcamp will give you an idea of both where I’m at now, and where I’ve been in the last some years. I don’t do any other kind of social media, and have no immediate plans to.

Every now and again, however, I may do a sort of ‘macro-post’ whereby I’ll be trying to make a larger point, by indulging in opinions. These are becoming rarer since one of my resolutions from 2012 that I’m still attempting despite its obvious futility is the attempt to give up opinions.

Also, I automatically assume intelligence in my audience; for this reason I shall not be giving nods, hints and winks when my tongue is in my cheek. I remain a firm believer in ‘if you treat people like children, they act like children…’ – and yes, I do have children.

Also, I have a sister blog called Seeds of Syntropy.

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