Banshee – Caw!


Somebody’s written a book on the design and creation of experience! Seriously! And its not satire! They haven’t just lost the plot, they’ve thrown it down a well with a whirlpool. Let’s just imagine the scene at ExperienceDesign HQ, where they’re just working on their press release – “Julie, how are our stocks of ‘WowFac’? It’s the big launch next week, and I don’t want to run out. Did we re-stock with ‘Bordum’ and ‘ENwe?’ They’ve been taking a hammering, hence this fucking re-launch anyway. I suppose we should factor in ‘disappointment’ and ‘not what the brochure promised’ – can we source a new supplier of them? The last batch was not as good as advertised. Yes, I’ve just checked our stocks of ‘ad-e-quate’ and ‘we’ll be sure to tell our friends’ – we seem a bit overstocked. Can we hype the experience a bit, shape the experience as well as the expectation? Yes I know that’s the fucking job description, just because it’s a description doesn’t make it true, look at modernism….”

Try to think outside the shocks

Music isn’t mathematical. Mathematics is musical.

At this precise moment in time, your mouth is open wider than your mind.

Banshee website

Burnt Skull

This….is…..the shit!

My next post was actually going to be on Follakzoid, Echoes of Yul or maybe Rakta, and I will indeed big them up soon. But this noise-fest has just elbowed aside allcomers in a most loud style.

I hate the term ‘noise-rock’ as being even more meaningless than every other genre descriptor going (just analyse it for more than a split second and you too will see why). Apparently that’s the tag that people call them. I’d rather think of it as a kind of stoner-hardcore punk, or a psychedelic screamo-krautrock mashup, but I invite you to invent your own description, or – even better- let it be what it is. For a point of comparison from within my world, I reckon they’ve visited similar psychic spaces to Puffy Areolas.

Apparently the whole album can be streamed here: (I’m on a non-sound PC as I type this so can’t test it).