Priests – The Seduction of Kansas


I thought I did their first album on here but I’m confusing that with something else vaguely similar I discovered around the same time.

I just went down to make a cuppa before doing this post and I had the opening line, but I’m now back up and I’ve forgotten it. Blame it on my current headache. I have headaches as hangers on at the moment. They think it’s cool to be seen with me for some reason. Something about the The Times they are a-Raging.

The good thing about rage is you can make music with it that is your standard rage music, and heaven knows we’ve all done that sometimes and how much fun it can be, but you can also channel it into more subtle forms and make people think you’re just trying to write pop songs or something, delivering the rage to the listener via the medium of the earworm. You can put sugar on snarls, you know.

Funny thing about getting older, and it’s only really the last year or so I’ve noticed this – whatever was the last thing I listened to goes round my head until I listen to something else, no matter if it’s the first time I listened to it or the million and first. I listened to ‘Jesus Son’¬† for the first time on a Dusted review last thing before getting in the bath a couple of Sundays ago and it was still going round my head when I got to work the next Monday morning.

It’s not all bad though. It’s an ace song, and there are other ace songs on here too.

One Dog Clapping – Alternarratives

alternarratives3 front cover.jpg

It is 9/9/18, and 9.09 pm (BST) when I click the publish button on Bandcamp. We have entered the time of the new moon. Fittingly, I have ‘Ritual‘ by Fire! Orchestra playing.

Alternarratives is the third album in the ‘Meeting The Changing Landscape’ Series, and the halfway point. It is about, broadly speaking, telling ourselves better stories so that we can head towards the Hills to Die On.

The next album in the series takes a turn back into the void as these better stories wrestle with the demons that would have them remain unspoken, and will be called Internal Route Fury.