Melanie De Biasio – Lilies


So I was looking in the mirror, again
it’s a (bad) habit I have
something new was there today
my reflection seemed to be talking
yet I remain still
I leaned closer, to try to hear

It was an apology
by analogy
for a crime that couldn’t be committed
after all
what I’ve already given you cannot be stolen

So I replied to my reflection
who remained graciously still as I spoke
If I accept your apology
I imply that it is necessary
yet if I refuse it
I deny what you have offered

Dearest mirror
you are not cracked
it is the eyes that perceive you that I question
because they doubt what they see
yet what else could they see?


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

joplustl.jpgHere’s the one that nearly made the last year end list but for getting defeated by Pridjevi for the last place up for grabs. It seems that the late year releases are dominating my 2016.

If I had to describe this music, I would probably use reference points like Stereolab chatting to Laika whilst Garbage and Goldfrapp duke it out in the production chair, giving this a dance-pop dreamy edge. Opener Dunes epitomises this perfectly, motorik beat purring. The quality is superb throughout.

In a weird synchronicity, I’ve been planning this post for a while, my mate put a post up the other day which spurred this thing. Better late than not at all, eh? Anyway, I like this very much.