Organit – Komplex


Music doesn’t need words, except for the words contained in the music (if any). Music doesn’t need a reason, except for the reason contained in the music, or the music contained in the reason.

I’ve not made sense yet, and I’m not likely to any time soon. But I do like to revel in the unexpectedly welcoming sonic waystations I find in my mental travels, or travails, insert as appropriate. Is insertion ever appropriate? I really hope so, and soon, but that’s a different story.

You mean this is a story? Why didn’t you say?


Band in the Pit – self titled

bandinthe pit

Infinity has had to make efficiency savings, in common with almost everyone else. There is now a waiting list for membership.

Is Sir ready to order?
Yes, thank you. I’d like to order some chaos.

I burnt from my mistakes

No charm, just offensive