Shouty caps lock is, unfortunately, intentional.

I’ve listened to a lot of drone over the years, some would say especially when I’m talking (boom! boom!); I would say especially when most males talk, we do love to hear the sound of our own opinions even though they are almost all bollocks, yes, even yours. Especially yours.

Joking aside, actually I wasn’t joking. I’m famous for not having a sense of humour. Well, not famous as such, I mean, I’m clearly not a famous person, but one of my personality traits that is remarked upon often is my utter lack of a sense of humour. I often ask my son what one is because he has one, apparently. Like most communications between the generations, however, this often results in misunderstanding as I’m never entirely sure what he’s trying to tell me.

I had intended to talk, well, write, well, type about drone music but I got distracted because that’s what happens when you let flow happen. The same thing happens when I pick up a pen.

But if you think about it, drone is all about flow.



Picture the scene.

A throbbing stadium full of expectant fans begin to pulsate with excitement as their heroes walk on stage. One walks to the microphone and bellows ‘Hello Leicester!* Are you ready to chill?’

The crowd goes wild and roars its affirmation.

‘I can’t hear you! Are you ready to med-it-ate?!?!?!?’

(more delirious screaming ensues)

(Now click play above)

No? Well, it tickled me as I walked home from work the other day…

Their second album, Lunes, is probably my go to album for a late night eyes shut meditative journey. It’s quite freeform and at the same time, recogniseably bluesy. Like all great music, I consider words completely unequal to the task of describing it. Truly ineffable.

*Substitute ‘Leicester’ for your town/venue/stadium of choice. As it happens, hardly anyone comes to Leicester for to do anything like that. The nearest we had was Kasabian playing at Viccy Park last year – the sound was so good I could hear it in my back garden. I didn’t hear them ask the audience if they wanted to meditate, though. Nor if they wanted to rrroooocccckkk!