Société Etrange – Chance

Listening to NTS as much as I do, I think I can now confidently say that you don’t very often hear the same songs in a short space of time. At least, the shows I’ve listened to a lot don’t seem to repeat themselves and I frequently just leave it on and the same seems to be true elsewhere on the station as well.

So it’s quite notable when a particular song appears even as much as 3 times! The first one such is one that does my head in but this isn’t a negative review blog. The second tune closes this album – the first time I heard it I noted it as very good and put the album on my wishlist. Having subsequently listened to the album in full, hence it didn’t get deleted from my wishlist, Futur then got played twice more over the next fortnight or so and after the third play I gave in and bought the album.

The whole thing is full of wonderful rhythm and movement though. I noted when I was listening to Harmonia the other night that some of the melodic progressions were ‘very German’ and listening to this again as I type this I’m reminded of that because my thought is that this sounds melodically French. And yet, if you asked me to expand on what I mean by this, I simply wouldn’t be able to. There’s a feel to the progressions maybe? Maybe someone properly tuned in to all the world’s wonderful music would be able to place the origin of any music just based on the melodic progressions.


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