Fuka Lata – Electric Princess


Non-axiomatical disco songs! Now there’s a musical description I like.

This works in the blazing sunshine of which we now enjoy and also in the dark evening of when I first listened to it.

Only slightly was it diminished by my son shouting insults at his xbox because he lost a game of that ghastly Fortnite energy drain.

2 thoughts on “Fuka Lata – Electric Princess

  1. This I very much like, reminds me of the more recent Death In Vegas Stuff.

    Also Fortnite is a scourge to the earth – as I said to Dylan if you have regular bouts of definitely not enjoying it then it’s not a game so you should stop thinking that it is.So for now he’s removed it an is playing less annoying non competitive things. Seems to have worked!


    • I have tried exactly that approach with Ben. He did tell me he was giving up playing it on his own rather than in group chat with his mates and the last couple of weeks were knocking on the door of peaceful as a result but today saw a bit of a resurgence, hence his grumpiness this morning. But maybe it will gradually sink in… (crosses fingers).

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