In more ways than one.

drmtmeActually, I’m writing about a band from Australia called Dreamtime, at least on this occasion. Very good they are too. Come to my attention, they have, because Captcha records are putting their two albums out on vinyl about two or three days ago, but don’t be fooled into thinking my finger has accidentally stumbled into the vicinity of the pulse as these things have been out a while digitally. And the irony is, I don’t have a vinyl player so won’t be buying the vinyl. Or at least, probably won’t. And actually, that’s not what irony is. I think. I personally don’t care if my clothes are creased.

It has a quite 70s sunny, west coast vibe to the music. There are some really good hypnotic riffs, and the overall atmosphere is nice and chilled. Some ears may think there are experimental elements here – certainly they are quite varied and clearly unafraid to try different approaches. There seems to be a male and a female vocalist, either is happy to take the lead. They also do instrumentals, utilise drones and do the raga thing when it suits. And all of the foregoing are really good.

I had a real tip of the tongue moment when listening to the ‘Sun’ album just now about who it put me most in mind of, but unfortunately it never left the tip of my tongue so I can’t use it as a sign post. Maybe if you like Carlton Melton you may like Dreamtime? I like Carlton Melton and I like Dreamtime.


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