Why genres are moronic, part 1.

I assume Rakta have their tongues firmly in their cheek by labelling themselves as ‘world.’ Therefore, I have honoured them by doing the same. Technically, of course, it is true – they are from Brazil, and Brazil is in the world. So, of course, is the UK, and therefore, The Beatles are ‘World’ music. To claim otherwise is to start down the road to cultural imperialism, and to get completely lost in the delusion of separation. Believe me, I will have much more to say about this. Anyway, on with the music…

I discovered these through the pages of Maximum Rock’n’roll, which one of our librarians has set up as a library subscription because he likes hardcore punk. I’ve seen the words ‘garage,’ ‘psych,’ ‘tribal,’ ‘all-female,’ and indeed ‘Brazilian’ used in describing this music. Me, I love the energy. The actual album is on my list of things to buy on payday (I’ve discovered loads of wonderful music recently), so I here present you with an embed of the single.

While I’m at it, here’s a video:

and here’s an interview.

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