Picture the scene.

A throbbing stadium full of expectant fans begin to pulsate with excitement as their heroes walk on stage. One walks to the microphone and bellows ‘Hello Leicester!* Are you ready to chill?’

The crowd goes wild and roars its affirmation.

‘I can’t hear you! Are you ready to med-it-ate?!?!?!?’

(more delirious screaming ensues)

(Now click play above)

No? Well, it tickled me as I walked home from work the other day…

Their second album, Lunes, is probably my go to album for a late night eyes shut meditative journey. It’s quite freeform and at the same time, recogniseably bluesy. Like all great music, I consider words completely unequal to the task of describing it. Truly ineffable.

*Substitute ‘Leicester’ for your town/venue/stadium of choice. As it happens, hardly anyone comes to Leicester for to do anything like that. The nearest we had was Kasabian playing at Viccy Park last year – the sound was so good I could hear it in my back garden. I didn’t hear them ask the audience if they wanted to meditate, though. Nor if they wanted to rrroooocccckkk!

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